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Aug 25, 2022
Hey guys my Nick and i am from the Pittsburgh area, I love all things audio, whether it be car stereo, home entertainment systems, headphone and I also enjoy refurbishing things in my spare time which kind of where my first question come, i recently came across a Yamaha EMX 860ST Power mixer and speakers and have begun tearing it down and reconditioning it, but the idea also struck me to try and use the internal amp from the mixer and the subwoofer from the stand up speaker in my car, my question is if that is even possible with one obviously made for mixing music or used as a PA system or something up the sort, but is it also possible to repurpose it somehow and turn it into a car audio system, I have a pretty good grasp at installing Amps, Subs and other car audio equipment specifically intended for use in cars but have never attempted something like this or even know if it’s possible, my guess would be yea with some rewiring of the components and power delivery system, but I don’t wanna attempt it if it’s not possibly and ruining a fairly price system, any help or rough tutorials would greatly be appreciated

Pics of the system are attached

Thanks and have a great day
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