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Girish K

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Dec 5, 2009
Hi all,

I'm in the process of "actually" setting up a home theater at my home. I have been a "guest" visitor to this forum many times and changed that to a forum member today :)

I've considered/re-considered/dropped the idea of setting up a home-theater for many years now because of various reasons including the widely known "SAF" :D (tho' that's not always been the reason !!). :D.

I'm more closer now than before in buying one in the next 2-3 months :).

Products I have auditioned in the past are (dont' remember all of them) -

1. Receivers - Marantz (in 2004/5, 2006/7), Denon (in 2007/8), Onkyo (2004/5), Cambridge (2009)
2. Speakers - Mordaunt short 90x i series, Genie, Alumi (all 2009), Polkaudio floor standers (2007), KEF (2006/7).
3. Bose HT (at a friend's place).

I've been reading lots of threads in this forum and find most of the posts very knowledgeable too. Thanks for sharing info so freely :)

Look forward to learning more abt Home-theater setups and sharing my experiences as well.

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Welcome to the Forum, Girish. Have you auditioned any A/V amps recently??

Most recent was the Cambridge Azur series which I listened at Audio planet couple of months back, combined with (a) Floor stander + surround setup (b) Genie series (c) Alumni series.

I intend checking the Yamaha VX series and also the Denon 1610/1910/2310 again, sometime soon.
Just signed up as a member of the Hi-Fi bandwagon N O W !!

To start with, my HTiB ONKYO 6200 has landed up at my aunt's place in US. Expected to reach me by next year (oops...) 15 Jan 2010 when my people are back after a brief stay there.

Privileged to be part of the well informed group site.

Will post as and when things arrive.


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