Jul 22, 2008
I have joined HiFiVision 10 minutes back.

Based at Bangalore,working for Volvo.

I always come across this forum in my search for Hi-Fi.

So I decided to join this wonderful community.

Welcome to the forum Naren

I am sure you will get best suggestions/advice to all your queries from all the gurus out on the forum

And your job profile will seem to interest many of us here as well :p

Do you work with the technical or production department ?
Welcome Naren. Have a wonderful time exchanging notes and reading the posting here. Don't hesitate to raise a thread or ask any questions in an existing thread that is close to what you have in mind.

We have also started a new forum where we will be posting reviews of Indian manufactured items. There is already a posting on Delhi based Lyrita that manufactures valve based equipment. I am sure you will see more in the coming days.

Of course, we would also welcome your comments and views on any subject.
Welcome to the Forum Naren & have a good time.
What is your Audio/Video setup like & what are your tastes in music?
Hi Rikhav,

Thank you,

I work as Product Specialist in Volvo Construction Equipmant Division.

Hi Naren
Maybe I will shoot you some Pm's regarding automobiles in general and what I feel about Volvo in India. Also our member Dinyaar would also like to discuss hi-fi and cars with you :)

As of now as Kamal Bhai said, please let us know what is your current av setup

Naren very warm welcome to the forum !! have pleasant time here !!

Already everything has been said leaving me with very little to say !! but I sure do want say this ! any help you require please don't hesitate to ask !!

Hi Naren,
Warm welcome.
Yes Rikhav all auto freaks can now shoot a few Pms to Naren!!!! Unfortunately the Volvos are out of my budget.
My set-up is in Bits & Pieces.When ever I travel Overseas I visit as many Hi-Fi stores possible and collet some of what I am looking for.
Model Make
X-10v3 Musical Fidelity
DV-686A-S Pioneer
Azur 640C-V2 Cambridge Audio
Qunex Silver Spiral QED
Qunex Silver Spiral QED
Qunex Silver Spiral QED
Genesis Silver Spiral QED
Airlock QED
75 Anniversery Edition Wharfedale

Some of them are still in their respctive boxes and I am using the Universal player with Panasonic PM141 and the elegant Bangalore Audio Labs Bookshelf's.

My quest is for a good Pre-Power and a Sub to take up low beyond my Wharfedale.

In my mind for the pre-power i have Parasound NC 2100-2250.

any advice.
The Parasound pre/power is an excellent option. It really sounds beautiful with all kinds of music.

I have a question. You say you have a Pioneer 686-S. Is it an all region player? How did you open the region lock? I have a 686-K that is locked to region 2. I am wondering how to open it to all region.
Hi Venkat,

I took the Pioneer from Burma Bazar Chennai.Although the packing said is region specific,I did not have issues in playing DVD of any region.
Please check.
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