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Could you please write a small small review of the Pioneer DV 600? What kind of connections are you using? What kinds of movies are you seeing in it? Are you using the 1080P upscaling? How is the picture? How is the sound?

if you give some examples of movies scenes, it will be great.

Venkat i am using coaxial cable dv600 to denon2106,and componet for pic and hdmi direct to lcd .marantz cd 5001 :)i give optical to 2106 for 2 chanel stereo .but dv 600 sound also great than sony as well as picture is relly great.ihave lot of movie kingkong,world is not enough,tears of the sun,but especialy Gurdian and celluar the pic qulity and sound great. i have polk sub 500,and whrf 9.5 sr tower spk and polk cs2 centar ch.
now i just want to change Denon 2106 to marantz sr 7003 or yamaha2800,or pioneer 1018 or denon 2809 if come with GUI so please advice me
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Now I just want to change Denon 2106 to marantz sr 7003 or yamaha 2800,or pioneer 1018 or denon 2809 if come with GUI so please advice me

All the models you have mentioned are good. But since you have been using a Marantz, I would recommend you upgrade to a more advanced version of Marantz itself. That way you will get the same sound you are used to, with better controls, and video. The 7000 series has the following important features:

* THX® Select2 Certified
* 110 Watts x 7 Channel All Discrete Amplifier Stage
* HDMI v1.3a Repeating/Switching: 4-In/2-Out
* Dolby® TrueHD, Dolby® Digital Plus, dts-HD? Master Audio
* Deep Color, xvYCC and SA-CD Support by HDMI
* Up-Conversion (w/TBC) to HDMI with 480i/480p Converter
* M-DAX (Marantz Dynamic Audio eXpander) for Compressed Audio
* Audyssey MultEQ

hi venkat i am not using marantz amp yet i have marantz CD5001 only i have denon.but there is no GUI in marantz7002, so iam waiting for thatbecause SR6003 have that GUI so that will continue to 7series but till confuse between yamaha 2700 or 2800 and Marantz7003 which one is better.
thank you
Oops Sorry. I did not read your posting properly. But what I said sticks. Since you are using a Denon now, just upgrade to a newer version. You will have the same sound you are comfortable with and better features.

Because of competition, at the same price range, all these brands re very close to each other in specs.

Denon has a reputation for warm sound and god delivery of surround sound.

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