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Feb 21, 2009
hi everyone,

my name is Jairus Fernandez... am new to this site... found it a great place though.... my interest in hi fi audio goes back a long time.... got hooked onto it after listening to my cousin's mission m33 floorstanders and nad c320 amp....

have come a long way since then.... have built my own "budget system"....

Cambride audio Azur 640A amplifier
Mordaunt Short Avant 902i bookshelves
Marantz CD 5001 CD player
Ecosse Best Boy Interconnects
QED Silver Speaker cable
Belkin Surge protector power rack
Self made speaker stands (carpentry being one of my hobbies)

Power back up by APC 650 VA UPS (i got the electricity boards of the country to blame).....

my interests in music are county and blues.... got a pretty decent collection.... am looking to add LPs to it.... (my reason to invest in a good player and the Cambridge audio 640P)....

i have been in ncr for the past 2 years and have not found any good hi fi dealers..... no choice of brands nor any venue to listen..... ppl in delhi are drawn by show value.... i guess bose is highest they would go....

i have a few very good contacts who stock great brands - read epos, proac, primare, dali, dynaudio, monitor audio, etc (not in delhi though).... thinking i might as well use them to start a store of my own ;).... btw i would be happy to help any of you guys procure any stuff that you need....

looking forward to getting to know a few enthusiasts from delhi.... happy listening.....


:)Hi Jairus,
Welcome to the forum.Its nice knowing somebody around Delhi takes a keen intrest in music.I am from Noida and I visit this site often to learn a lot of things... which till a month back was totaly greek to me .I have learnt a lot and must thank members like Venkatcr,marsillian,Asit,Dinyar and others who really "know thir stuff " and are kind enough to share with others.I am sure you will get a chance to learn and also contribute.I am at a stage of gathering "gyan" and hope to contribute once I attain "enlightment".
Hello Jairus - welcome to this superb forum.
I am also from NCR. Yes you are correct, NCR does not have much showrooms for quality audio equipments. Mumbai, Chennai are much ahead than Delhi in this regard.

Glad to have new member from NCR, who have long experience in this field. I am absolutely novish. Learning slowly by going through the threads in this forum.

You will definitely enjoy good time in this forum and we will be enriched and benefitted from your experience.

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