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Aug 11, 2009
Hi Every 1,

My Name is Raja. Very new to this forum. I always used to go through the threads as a non member and enjoyed reading a lot about the Music Systems, HT's etc. I am very addicted to sound and I mean good sound and not noise. I love anything that produces good sound. Starting from the Buzz of a bee :yahoo: to a V8 of a car. :). Though I am a fan of music and sound since a kid , I never had that money to buy a good HT. I started with a Sony HIFI system which my dad had bought to listen to old songs. This happened when I was in 7th std. CD's were expensive. My dad had bought Illayarja hits. A CD was worth 800 bucks those days. It had 6 songs. The English 1's were in thousand. Now ...say last week I picked up a pair of Yamaha NS 8390 floor standers and a Sherwood RD 8315 AV receiver...and I am the happiest person on the planet every time I listen to it. :). I have also picked up Yamaha center speakers and two rear surrounds but haven't hooked them yet. I picked up a Bandridge Coaxial cable and hooked it up and I should say it makes my system sound much better. As a beginner hoping to learn a lot from every one and become a professional some day like the rest here.


Bharathi G Raja :)
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