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Feb 20, 2008
Hi I am Rahul and I have been a member on this forum from a long time but have never visited this site. I need some help from you guyz as I am planning to purchase an LCD and I am wondering whether you could suggest me something. I am planning to purchase a LCD which is 42 inch or may be higher
Hello Rahul,
A very warm welcome to you. One month back I've purchased Panasonic 32" LCD TV from Chennai. The model is S10D. Both picture quality & colour reproduction are very very good. I have seen their higher size models also. It was pretty good too. I am very very satisfied. Other company models I have not seen, so can't comment on them.
Thanks Partho,

I have been to some of the stores in Hyderabad and it seems that they are running a promo on Samsung LA46B530 46 inch which comes with a free Home theatre system and the price of the TV comes to 74000/-. Wanted to check on if this is a good deal.

Home Theatre output is 1000 Watts PMPO, the sales person in the store was recommending me to go with this unit, I am basically looking for 40 Inch or above television.

Please Help
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Dear Rahul,
Please donot see what gifts are coming along with the TV. If the TV is very good and within your budget go for it. Regarding home theatre, very very attractive options are available in the market (AVR + HT speaker package + DVD player). May be only TV cost + your self made HT package will be a little more costly but ultimate gain will be much higher. Finally you decide based upon your requirement and priority.
Thanks for the quick response, In your opinion Is Samsung better or LG ? I find most of the people in this Forum recommending LG
I donot know. I selected Panasonic as I came to know all Panasonic LCD panels are made in Japan hence higher reliability. Additionally during new year offer they were giving 3 year warranty for LCD panel. All other were giving only 1 year warranty. Finally I selected S10D base one its price & picture quality.
Hi Partho,

I have purchased a Samsung LA40B530 yesterday and waiting for the set to be delivered so hopefully today I should be receiving the delivery. I will let you know once I receive the Set.

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