Help a novice to purchase a HT System under 35k.


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Sep 5, 2009
Hi friends,

I need to set up a HT package within a budget of 30k (could be extended to 10k more if reqd) Preferably 7.1 setup. My questions to all the experts here. plz guide me.

1) If 7.1 is not possible within 30k, can i extend a 5.1 setup later to 7.1.
2) whether it is advisable to buy a) HTIB or b) AVR+SPEAKERS+Subwoofer separately.

3)After reading all the posts in the forum, I have zeroed in Onkyo 606 for AVR. Kindly suggest remaining components. Even if there are better AVR kindly suggest.

4) How to identify an AVR as Full HDMI capable (ie able to decode HD audio) instead of a pass through when connected to a source (say for example HTPC or PS3)

Sorry for too many questions in my maiden post.

Thanks for all the suggestions and support in advance.
For 30-40k you would typically get systems with satellite speakers (5.1) and passive subwoofers. This may not be very apt for music but can do for movies.

The systems you could look for is
A host of Home theaters in a box from Philips,Panasonic and Sony
Onkyo HTS3200 ( 5.1 package) + Philips 5996
Entry level AVR from Onkyo/Yamaha/Denon at around 16k and a set of speakers
like the Jamo 406

The reason why yogesh or many in the forum may dissuade (and with good reasons) go with this approach is that its generally better to be a bit patient and build systems part by part.

However, if you are looking at an immediate system go with the options given before.
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