help for my home theatre set up


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Jan 8, 2010
Dear all, I am Vijay and i am new member to this wonderful forum.I am looking to set up my home theatre and any advice, I would love to listen from members

My room size is 12X11 feet and my order of setting up the home theatre is first speakers then the receiver and then the visuals .right now i am restricting this discussion to speakers only.these are some packages that I have auditioned in hyderabad and read reviews speakers budget is 65000 plus or minus 10000

1)kef kht 2005.3(with kube 2 sub)

2)kef kht 3005se

3)q accoustics cinema 2000 series

4) mordraunt short aviano 2 as fronts and aviano 1 as sorrounds with aviano 5 as centre and aviano 7 (sub with 175 watts)

5)moniror audio bronze br2 as fronts and br fx as the sorrounds and br lcr as centre and brw10 as sub.

As my usage is about 50% movies and 50%musicI would love to replace br2 with br5 floor standers but I have to strech my budget.

please help me to decide and let me know if any one of you have auditioned any above packages

have a great day
Hello Vijay. Welcome aboard!

If its a dedicated HT room you are planning, the BR2 based package looks ideal.


However, if you are trying to use it in your living room, the KHT3005SE would be tough to beat. Plus, it will not only go easy on the eyes but waf will also be taken care of!


Pair either of them with 1910 or 2310 and you are good to go. Happy hunting.

Welcome, have a great time.

The speakers you mentioned above are all spot on for a HT setup, excellent choice, indeed. If you want a sleek HT setup meaning your speakers should dissapear with your decor, then the KEF eggs are the way to go, and it sound good too.

Now, from other choices, I would definitely lean on MS Aviano pack and new Q-Accoustics.

hi thanks a lot for ur suggesion .Hyd is very immature market for good spaekers to find .I thought of pro 800 series and checked with vector people the price they quoted is quiet unrealistic they quoted 65000 before discount and they dont have any thing to audition.I am visiting to bangalore next week .if any one knows pls let me know whre i can audition them
Audio Excellence is their distributer in India, and if I am not mistaken they also have a showroom in Bangalore, anyways here I am listing you the contact information of Audio Excellence from the Definitive technologies website:

Audio Excellence
B-64, Orchid Tower,
Near Yamuna Nagar,
Off Link Road,
Andheri (W),
Mumbai 400053
Tel : +91-22-65010877
Fax : +91-22-66925007
Cell : +91-9820186108
[email protected]
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