Help! Humming sound when I switch on....


Jul 31, 2006
>>>> Had posted this earlier but then just searched the Forum for similar problems that may have been reported by others. Got some links and then did some reading and presto!
It was the connection of the TV audio to the amp that was making this sound. Removed it and that was the end of it!
So all done! Whew!
Nothing more annoying than some problem to the system! My wife gets most alarmed when something like this happens- cos she knows that I will go ballistic in my search for the solution and generally make life hell for others around >:)


Need some advise here from members. When I switch on my system there is a new humming noise emerging from the speakers. This was never there before.

I removed all the connections and reconnected. Tried the interconnects for any loose contact. But all of them appear to be ok.

I have my multi channel amp connected to the center and rear spkrs and the two channel amp connected to the fronts. Humming sound is in all spkrs. Tried switching them on one by one and the sound still persisted in all the spkrs.

Any suggestions welcome. Tx in advance.
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could have been an impedance mismatch.

i had a similar issue, was something to do with grounding of the dish (Tata Sky).

we were running three TVs on one dish.

we added an independent dish for my tv and the issue got addressed.

check the input impedance on the amp. vis-a-vis the o/p of the TV.

this, of course, is assuming you intend to try and use the TV with the amp.
Reasons for this can be varied ,but Humming is often heard due to a ground Loop ie when the grounding is not good. Best to get an electrician to test your your power input

since this is happening in all your speakers across amps this may not be an amp problem.

do try googling out ...Ground loop hum - Google Search
There are many reasons for humming. In your case it seems to be due to a ground loop since its spread across the speakers. Disconnect all speakers and start adding one by one and see which one causes it.

Also ensure all cables are a bit away from the connectors if they are hanging too close. Also try connecting a few equipments to another outlet or circuit.
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