Help me buy speakers for my Denon 2309


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Aug 11, 2008

After reading through all the very very useful gyan here I bought Denon 2309 AV Receiver from Profx Bangalore. There they auditioned it with Polk 60. Now I am looking for matching speakers for my brand new machine. Someone told me to go for Tannoy Mercury F1 custom for the fronts and matching surrounds. No idea of sub yet. I enjoy listening to music and watching Sci-fi movies. Do not know who is dealing with Tannoy in Bangalore. Wanted your gyan to guide me in my purchase which I will be enjoying for years to come.

for tannoy
If I remember correctly
try this

Music ranch, 10/125, 9th main, 3rd block,Jayanagar 25632145
Mukesh 98440 35773.
In one of the threads I read something about Lithos speakers. It is value for money? Link q10

Admin: I have no connection with Lithos brand. Just posting this to get the views of our audio gurus to help me decide on some speaker setup.

Without a doubt Lithos speakers are very good. In fact I visited Rajiv's new listening room in Bandra last weekend and walked out very impressed; genuinely nice person developing some neat products.

As far as the Q10s are concerned, you'll need a sub for the low frequencies. Rajiv recommends the Active sub - Q-bic. The Q10s (used to be Pro10) are not ported and at the low end will go down to about 80-100hz. The mids & highs are clean, clear and very detailed.
Thanks Guys.

@venkatcr : read your posts on other threads and it was quite an education for me...a great eye opener ..errr...ear opener.

I think I would go with the mass choice of Wharfedale Diamond package. Also I think it is tempting to look at Tannoy Mercury F1 custom.

My listening room/ HT room size is 25 X 12 (approx). Will Wharfedale be a overkill for this size of room on high volumes?

I also have a "wife factor" to consider both in "noise" and needless to say money!!

Any idea who sells Wharfedale and Tannoy in Bangalore?
Guys I am confused between Tanny and Wharfe diamonds!!

Need advice on this...and also if any other options I need to look at. The problem is I do not know any dealers in B'lore where I can audition a couple of speakers. Also do not know if my price range of 40K can accommodate my speaker requirements.
As posted by pradski on this same thread. For Tannoy Contact.
Mukesh cell No 98440 35773 or 080-26532145
Music ranch, 10/125, 9th main,
3rd block,Jayanagar 25632145

For 40k i'm not sure you'll be able to get the tannoy F1 HT package.
Pl check with mukesh.
All the best.
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