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Sep 2, 2008
Guys I'm from Chennai and new to this Hi all......I have a pair of Aiwa 50Watts 16 ohms speaker, I need a good Stereo amplifier now ..Now I'm using it with a 20 watts pc speaker amplifier..will be using it mostly with the pc and an audio cd player..I have no idea about the amplifiers that I can get within my budget.....Budget within 10 K but can extend another 10 k if it deserves...Genres : Lounge, Fusion, New age & Rock
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We are in the process of creating a standard checklist for all new forum members who ask for some help. Some of the points may not apply to you and it has been written with some humorous points, but please go through the following text, and come back to us with specific questions so that we can provide specific answers. In particular, we need more details on your speakers - make, floor standing/bookshelf, frequency response, sensitivity, connection method (clips. binding posts, etc).


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There are a lot of well-informed people here who will help you with all your A/V questions. However, in the interest of saving their time and yours (advice is free, time is not!), we've created a check-list to go through before you start posting. This will make things efficient for all of us.

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a. Budget
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c. Listening area
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d. Systems already selected
If you have already some system or components in your mind, please list them so we can help you decide what matches and what doesn't (based on our experience with them). If you have auditioned any systems, mention what you liked/disliked about them.

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2. Which dealer did you buy from?
3. Did you get any special price and what was the reason?
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5. How many auditions did you have and with which dealers. How was your experience with the dealers?

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I have no idea about the amplifiers that I can get within my budget.....Budget within 10 K but can extend another 10 k if it deserves...Genres : Lounge, Fusion, New age & Rock

Norge comes in that price bracket. Norge concerto Gold with remote will cost you around 9.5k

If you are willing to double the budget then there are some good ones out there from CA, Marantz and NAD. But in that case its a crime to use your current speakers. Get some in the lines of the Diamonds, Avant, Bronze, Fusion series.

All the best.

In addition to what Unleash has suggested, here are some more options.

Since you are in Chennai, see if you can visit Audiocraft and audition their amplifiers and speakers. If you like the sound, you might get a full system for around 15K.

Also visit ProMusicals and listen to Pulz amplifier that he has. You may have to marry that with a new pair of speakers.

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