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Help!!! Need help connecting Creative Home Theater with LG TV



New Member
Aug 25, 2015
Ahoy Experts!

I am new to this forum and off late I have been researching a lot on utilizing my old Creative 5.1 Home Theater with my LG TV. Since I am not too much into audio systems and all, I was getting confused on how to proceed with it so after researching a lot I realized that this forum has great contributors who really know a lot of this stuff. To give you all a brief of what I intend to do, let me share the hardware that I have:

1. I have a great old home theater that I used with my home desktop PC: Creative Inspire 5.1 5200
2. DVD Player: Philips DVP3368
3. LG 3D LED Smart TV (55LW5700)

Now all these products are great, but I am having trouble connecting my Creative 5.1 home theater with my so called not so smart tv (or may for the so call not so smart me).

I researched and found that there are 2 ways through which I could connect my home theater with my TV as below:
1. Buy an AV receiver - Not a good idea (and an extremely costly one) for me considering the fact that I still have my good old home theater.....If I have to go into such hassles then I would rather buy a new home theater altogether that would have the likes of optical, HDMI and what not connectivity.
2. Buy a Logitech 5.1 Game Console Adapter that has three 3.5mm female ports on one end and 2 RCA female port on the other - Buying this is a hassle as this is not sold in India unfortunately and I see it available for delivery in US only.

Hence, I desperately need to try options here to bring my systems together for an enjoyable experience. I know you geeks are the best in this field and would be able to help me out.

I've purposely mentioned my DVD player as a device as I am ready to make use of this to make this union of devices possible. Please suggest on exact cables, converters, adapters that I can use to make a direct connection of my home theater with my TV or via the DVD player.

Eagerly anticipating help on this situation. Many thanks in advance and lots would follow upon advices. :)


New Member
Apr 12, 2015
You can have a very cost efficient setup for Logitech 5.1 Game Console Adapter

You need to buy below items for it to work.
1) 3.5mm Stereo Female To 2 RCA Analog Male
(3.5mm Stereo Female To 2 RCA Analog Male Jacks 6cm Cable Adapter: Amazon.in: Electronics)

2) 2 AUX splitters or 3 way aux splitter
(Buy MX AUX SPLITTER EP STEREO 3.5 mm MALE TO 2 EP STEREO 3.5 mm FEMALE CONNECTOR - MX 150 Online at Low Prices in India - Amazon.in)

Attach RCA to you TV ,then aux splitters to other end of the cable mentioned in point 1 and after this i think you know how to do connections for your speakers.

Do let me know if you have any query ,will be happy to solve it.

Above items are easily available in local market.And i had this setup at my place 4,5 years back.