Help Needed for Setting an Oppo Player

john mathew

Oct 19, 2018
Hi Friends,

Recently I got an Oppo player (bdp 95), not the latest one but works fine and got for an affordable price.

I bought it to use for both pure audio purpose and also for movies. Connected it to the avr with hdmi and to Stereo amplifier with RCA connectors.

The issue is that always it passes the audio through the RCA only unless not removed from the player. For bluerays and dvds audio is passing to the Stereo AMP even it is switched off condition.

Hdmi connection is active only when RCA unplugged from the socket. I can't find any audio switching options in the remote that I can switch off analogue connection.
Now always removing Rca for watching movies and reconnecting for audio purpose.

Would like to know any oppo users faces the same issue or it is the issue with my player only.

Expecting any kind of solutions from forum experts.

I also have a 103D but have not faced such an issue. Switching options must be available in the player menu options. Check it first. However my AVR has input selector switch which might be helping. Yours being a stereo amp may not have it. Try playing with only the AVR and see what happens.
As you said it might be possible to change through the AVR. But as i want to use both AVR and stereo AMP with the same cd player that option won't work. I didn't find any switching options in my CD player. Did you find it with your bdp 103?
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