Help needed in building home theatre system


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Aug 21, 2009
Hi All,

First of all, I am very new to this forum and I am not too tech savy, so please pardon my ignorance. The reason I joined this forum is to gain knowledge. I need help in building a home theatre system, I don't have too much of a budget either. I have shortlisted the following

Denon 1610 receiver
Polk 705 speakers and
Denon DVD-2500BTCI Blu-ray/DVD/CD Player

I have checked out the prices of the above items and I am travelling to US some time this month end.

The receiver is available for 380$, speakers for 350$ and Blue ray for 280$

Now, I am not sure if I can buy all this and get it cleared through customs, I definetly intend to pick up the DVD player in US

I called up the Denon dealer in Kolkata and he said he can offer me Denon receiver and the polk speakers for around 50 K. I am going this week end for a demo.

I need your valuable inputs and sugestions on what best can be done

Welcome to the forum.

If you are interested in getting stuff from the US you can try the site Shop in the US from India @ 20North - Millions of products, Thousands of brands there is a separate thread in the forum so you can search for it.

Getting through customs and shipping would increase your budget to possibly twice the retail price.

If you are looking at a local dealer do audition the speakers and receiver before you decide. If you search the forum you will find options in your budget as well as a few threads on what you can find in Kolkata.

I auditioned the system and the speakers but the prices in India are beyond my budget, is there any sound engineer available in kolkata who can set up the system for me in case I buy from abroad?
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