Help needed on screen size and positioning


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Sep 6, 2008
New Delhi, India
I have panasonic PT AX 200U projector and I am looking to get a screen set up. It is a bright projector as per reviews.
The wall I can project it on has a large window 6ft wide and 7ft high at the center - so will be projecting at that spot.

My projector would be 16ft away from the wall, ceiling mounted.
I would be sitting at 10-12 ft away from the wall.
My eye level is around 42" when sitting decently upright.
I have an AV unit placed along the front wall, that is 5ft wide and 26 inches high.
Going for a 16:9 wide screen.

What should be the size of screen so that I can watch movies without getting a pain in neck/ eyes?

One installer suggested 8ft wide, which means 4.5 ft high screen. If the lowest end of the screen is 3ft from the floor, it would go as high as 7.5 ft., while center point is 5.25 ft high.

Would that be a normal viewing position? If not, then what size is suggested?
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