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Help needed with old wii console

Home Theatre Systems


New Member
Mar 20, 2015
Chicago USA
Fellow HFV friends, I really need help with this.

I am planning to shell out around 30K for a wii console + a screen and accessories for my small kid (only wii, no ps or xbox as of now) and considering this.

Buy Nintendo Wii Console (White) (Free Games: 5-in-1 Sports Game Pack) Online at Low Prices in India | Nintendo Video Games - Amazon.in

I also want to buy a monitor (most probably a dell IPs panel so that it can be used with wii as well as with my home PC) with HDMi input. I am not familiar with wiis so what am I looking at? I have read that wiis (or the above wii) only have component + RCA outs so do I need a wii HDMi converter + an HDMI cable? With the above wii and a standard Dell IPS panel with HDMI input what other accessories am I looking at? How many games come with this 5 in 1 sports pack? Do I need extra memory cards and do they have slots? Thanks you very much in advance. I need a complete system with all connectors, accessories and cables for them ready to go once delivered.