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Help with 40 inch TV selection

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New Member
Oct 21, 2011
Sri Lanka

I was planning on buying a 32'' before, but due to some reasons it got postponed. But now, I have decided that I should go for a 40'' Full HD TV. :rolleyes:

I will be using this TV mostly to connect to my PC and use it as the secondary monitor mostly for watching movies from the Hard Disk and playing PC video games. So picture quality as well as input-lag are matters to be taken into consideration.

So currently, to my budget and availability, there are 2 models where 1 is LCD and other is LED.

The models are :
1. Samsung LA-C530
2. Samsung D5000

Both are somewhat similarly priced ( I think ). :sad: Also I got the chance of checking some videos with the C530 one and they looked pretty decent.

I have an idea of getting a Bluray player and a Videocon D2H SD connection in future. But not a sure plan. For now mostly the TV will be a secondary monitor.

So which is the best one out of this considering PQ (and refresh rate) and Game-Lag?