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Jun 15, 2009
Hello Members ,
Would like to know your Favorite Songs (Albums), Bands and Artists . Ones that You listen to frequently (Any kind of music and any Language). Please Add Artists' ,Bands' name with the songs.

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My Favorites :-

1. R.E.M (losing my religion).
2. Enigma (1,2,3).
3. Roja (Hindi,Tamil).
4. Eagles.
5. I just died in your arms - Cutting Crew.
6. Roxette.
7. Take my breath away - Top Gun (OST).
8. Self Control - Laura Branigan.
9. X&Y- Cold Play.
10. Another Brick in the wall - Pink Floyd.
11. Ladies and Gentlemen - George Michael.
12. Michael Jackson.
13. Modern Talking.
14. Savage Garden.
15. Dire straits.
16. John Mayer.
17. Sting.
18. ABBA.
19. Gregorian- Masters of Chants (Collection).
20. Dhagali Lagli - Marathi Song (Simply Superb).
21. Rahul Sharma (Santoor).
22. Metallica - Nothing else matters.
23. Greenday - American Idiot.
24. Deep Forest - Sweet Lullaby.
25. Kenny G.
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hi all
i am a telugu and i like this particular song from the movie devadoss , 'jagame maya brathuke maya'. this song may sound philosophical but the entire meaning of life is hidden in this song.
1.I have a Demo CD mix with Hindi & English.It has Swadesh,Lagan,Classical,Eagles in one CD

2.Others are Marathi song mainly Mana Udhan varyache.

3.Suresh Wadkar albums.
I grow watching very old movies and new movies regularly, so have a good liking for old songs..No fun in mentioning new songs which were very popular now....

Overall whenever/wherever I hear P.B.Sreenivas songs were played i just stop a little moment to hear it and proceed...What a melodious voice.:)

Love the old songs of Thygaraja Bhagavathar:lol: On old days, people act and sing their songs, it is common, now we make it a big thing if any actor sing a song in a movie...

Almost all the songs by Great TM.Soundararajan with combination of MSV and Kannadasan for the Sivjai /MGR will never leave the mind... Famous for love/sad & another for social messages...

Before closing topic it is not fair without mentioning about Maestro Ilayaraja.. dominated the music like a legend and lot of songs by illayaraja is worth mentioning which can run in mile..

Will add soon some link for hearing the songs..

thank Hegde for opening this topic...:)
This would turn out to be a long list so to summun up following are the bands I love the music. And I will list one song from each band to that would come in my top 5 list

In no particuler order (though my fav is Def Leppard)

1. Aerosmith ..... (I dont wanna miss a thing)
2. Def Leppard.....(When love and hate collide)
3. GnR................(Nov Rain)
4. Bon Jovi..........(Always)
5. Bryan Adams....(STAR)
6. Linkin Park.......(Points of Authority)....though I have not much listened to LP
7. Led Zeppelin....(Stairway to heaven)
8. Pink Floyd......(Coming back to life)
9. DOORS..........(Riders from the Strom)

Apart from this I also listen to ACDC, Nirvana, Iron Maiden, Scorpions, Sting, Eric Clapton, Elton John....etc etc
I also like few numbers from Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Natalie Imbruglia and whitney houston but my ALL time fav is "You Still The One" from Shania Twain

From the Oldies I love Cliff Richards (Ever green Tree and Theme for a dream), Dire Straits, Bangles (Manic Monday, Walk like an egyptian), Tracy Chapman (Fast Car, Mountain o Things), Kenny Rogers, George Michael(father Figure, Freedom 90)....etc etc.
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Which song(s) are you are Addicted/Hooked to at the moment....

I know we all have Fav songs but, usually we are hooked to a song which is new to us......untill another one comes in to replace....

Which song are you addicted to at the moment..........u can share for all languages.

Right now I am addicted to The Reason - By Hoobastank awsome track......
Everybody wants to rule the world - Tears for Fears
Songbird - Kenny G (Live version, love the piano solo in between)
Ever since we met - Chris Botti
Separate Ways - Elvis Presley
Something - Frank Sinatra's version
Moonlight in Vermont - Stan Getz's version
Soul Express - Chris Standring

These songs come to mind immediately......lots more when I start thinking
MJ was my first ever favourite singer - long back when MTV got introduced to India. Until about a few years ago, I would have listed the likes of Def Leppard, Aerosmith, Bryan Adams, a bit of Bon Jovi, GnR + lot of pop songs etc.,

I am mostly an albums man now... so, instead of singles, I'll give albums :)

  1. Opeth - Ghost Reveries, Morningrise, My Arms Your Hearse, Blackwater Park, Still Life
  2. Tool - Lateralus, Aenima >>>> 10,000 Days
  3. Pink Floyd - Dark side of the Moon
  4. A Perfect Circle - Mer De Norms, Thirteenth Step
  5. Alice In Chains - Jar of Flies
  6. Dream Theater - Images And Words, Train of Thought
  7. Metallica - Master of Puppets, Black Album
  8. Megadeth - Countdown to Extinction
  9. Pantera - Far beyond driven
  10. Sepultura - Arise
  11. Pearl Jam - Ten
  12. Nirvana - Unplugged
  13. Iron Maiden - Fear of the Dark
  14. Ilaiyaraja - How to Name it, Nothing but wind
With my very limited exposure to Classical music, am not at the point of listing favourites.

I really like old tamil film songs written by Kannadasan and melodies by Ilaiyaraja. But then, I am totally out of touch with them for the past few years. My ears and/or my concentration and/or music has gone so bad that I do not understand a greater portion of lyrics for current tamil film music. With most of the music I listen to nowadays, I at least get a lyrics booklet or can find it off the net ;)

In our house, while Michael Akerfeldt death growls in my ears, M.S. Subbalakshmi would be singing from my mother's tape recorder. Such is the way of life :rolleyes:
Yep I know...was just talking about my view. Anyway I remember that for the first few weeks, I just kept listening to Wings for Marie & 10,000 days back to back. Still my favorites songs from the album...and probably the album's saving grace.
^ Just hope that their next album is a true follow-up to Lateralus.

With 10K days, I actually "hated" those two songs at first (crappy ear phones). But finally with good headphones, they do come alive.

BTW, have you tried this - ("Vigniti Tres" followed by "Wings of Marie Pt. 1") + "Wings of Marie Pt. 2"? While timings match, I do not know how to "mix" the songs to validate that "hidden track" theory.

OMG. Tool fans hijacked the whole thread ;)
Ah, not really. My heart was never in 10,000 days. Its more like "just" a good album by a fav band. But with Lateralus, all that sequence thing (did you try that ?...To me, Tool's Lateralus is the most amazing piece of music ever composed)...the weird interpretations, fans gone berserk...that was something else. I don't think there will be another Lateralus. I mean, Lateralus doesn't really leave room for more, does it ? 10,000 days it seems was a jibe at people not understanding what Lateralus was about and some of the band's random musings, perhaps ? That being said, of course I hope too a worthy follow-up to Lateralus should be made. ;)
10,000 days it seems was a jibe at people not understanding what Lateralus was about and some of the band's random musings, perhaps ? That being said, of course I hope too a worthy follow-up to Lateralus should be made. ;)

Given their history of playing pranks, who knows? 10,000 days could be the longest joke happening ;)

On re-ordered tracks, I've not tried it. Something to do for today :licklips:

Edit: Tried it. I thought I knew the pieces fit, but I watched that notion fall away after I fitted the pieces this time :)
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Iron Maiden
Hallowed Be Thy Name, Aces High, Two Minutes to Midnight, Can I Play with Madness?, The Number of the Beast

Judas Priest
Painkiller, Breaking the Law, Hell Bent for Leather.

Black Sabbath
Iron Man, Black Sabbath, Spiral Architect, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.

Mama I'm coming Home, Shot in the Dark, Dreamer.

Angel of Death, Raining Blood, Hell Awaits, Silent Scream, Seasons in the Abyss

Tears for Fears
Break it Down Again, Everybody wants to rule the World, Shout.

Status Quo
In the Army Now

Spin Doctors
Two Princes
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Gregorian - Masters of Chant, anyone :)???

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