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Aug 18, 2007
It feels so nice to have stumbled upon this forum. I am from bangalore.
I am a newbie to high end AV. ANd i have never owned hi end before. I did own a Panny HTIB, which i had brought in from the US, but i soon realised that separates is the way to go.
My new apartment will be ready in Feb 2008 and want to set up a decent HT in my living/dining room (approx 12ft x 25ft).
i have read good reviews on the Onkyo SR805 ( not yet in India, but was told that it would come here in a couple of months in time when i actually need it). Price is around 85k, which is way beyond what it sells in the US (~850USD). It is 26Kgs and that is why i am not so comfy asking someone to get it for me from the US, but it make s huge price difference, why not try?

I also plan to get the Panasonic PT-AX100U (~1300USD) and an Oppo 981 DVD player.
My 32"LCD TV will be Samsung LA32R81 (50.5K IN BANGALORE)
I am hoping I will get the speakers and cables in bangalore (absolutely no idea of the speakers!!)
I hope dear friends, that you will all be able to forgive this newbie for his questions and will be able to guide him through to a "Nirvana" in sound :)
By the way, i listen to a lot of 80's south indian music on poorly mastered CD's.. So my main need for the Ht system would be for DVD movies and hopefully for Natgeo and discovery ( if and when they go High def in India)
For my entire set up, i am budgeting around 2.7Lakhs ( everything incl the TV, Projector, AVR, 5.1 or 7.1 Speaker system,screen, dvd player, all cabling). Thats my best budget.
Nothing can be better if I get all my stuff under one roof!! ( Prithvi, are you listening?.. :).. I have heard a lot of good abt Absphase.. and hopefully Prithvi or other esteemed audiophiles will be able to help me out)
Best regards
Hello and welcome to this forum.

As for the AV receivers and most hi-fi are concerned you will definately end up paying more for your av system here than in the US.

Apart form the Onkyo brand you can also consider Denon, Yamaha and if your budget permits - Arcam.

If you are on a transfer of residence I would suggest you to buy the speakers from the US and buy the electronics here (primarily because of the voltage difference).

In Bangalore get in touch with Prithvi of Absolute Phase
Contact: Prithviraj M. Vedpathak Mob. +919844094669

He would be the best man there to help you out.
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