Hi Everybody !!


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Jun 12, 2009
Hi Folks,

I had built a modest HT system and while on search for a good subwoofer, Google directed me to this website couple of months back. Since then I have been frequenting here for quite some time now and found this forum very informative.

I thank all the forum members for sharing their expertise and knowledge, I am especially indebted and thankful for the knowledge imparted by audiophiles and gurus like venkatcr; madbullram; spirovious; ashishkesarwani; psychotropic; marsilians; moserw; cranky; manu4panjab (the bass expert) and many others who make this forum a wonderful place to be in and look forward to a long association.

I am happy :) with the present HT system for movies (though it is not quite a setup to boast about ...:eek:) and believe there is always a scope for improvement. With regards to music (my musical preference varies from classical, pop, film music to bhakti sangeet etc.), I have understood the importance of a two channel stereo system and looking forward to building a decent stereo system for good music SQ, would love to go the tube way once the budget permits.

Will share my experience and views whenever possible and look forward to your cooperation here on this forum....

Thanks again for this forum :signthankspin:
Cheers :cheers:
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