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Feb 3, 2010
I am new to this site... just exploring it... and need some help to buy a music system...
Welcome & you have come to the right place but be prepared to get super confused with the options for your music system. There are loads of equipment at every price point.

Where are you located, what kind of money are you looking at spending & what music genre do you listen to?
Actually i want to buy a music system which is gud in sound output... and my budget is 15-17k... but i am confused between home theater and music systems... which is best to play the audio.... i suppose music systems... but my friends suggesting me for home theater as it can serve both purposes...
options i have seen yet are

PHILIPS Micro Theater MCD388/98
PHILIPS DVD Mini Hi-Fi System FWD397/98

please help me out... or suggest me some other options if fall in my range....

Not much we can do with 15-17K when it comes to buying a component music system.

Your friend is right but if you are absolutely sure that you don't ever see yourself watching movies in surround sound; then stick to a music system.

To start I won't recommend anything from Sony. You are way better off with Philips, Panasonic or a Samsung.

PHILIPS DVD Mini Hi-Fi System FWD397 is a good option.

Please look at Panasonic SC-VK670 & SC-VK480
First of thanks a lot u all guys for your suggestions....

Now i am more confused... Now i need one more suggestion... Please suggest me some products between the range of 15-20k so that this weekend i can visit the stores and make my final decision....

Once again thanks guys...
Hi Neraj,

If you are looking for a system only for music, then a home theater will probably disappoint you since it is optimized for surround sound for movies which involves lot of explosive action and fights.

For music, you will need to focus on Stereo only (either an all-in-one music system, or a component based setup). Search this forum and you will surely find more than enough options which you can explore as per your budget. Check this thread on a Norge amp-speaker setup which may fit your budget.

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