Hi guys! Forum newbie here...


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Jan 17, 2007
Hi guys! Great to have a dedicated site for A/V buffs in India. I?m looking forward to sharing info and experiences with everyone in the board.

Here?s my set up (Usage 60% movies/20% music/20% TV)

1. Living Room (Length 4.5m, Width 3.5m, Height 2.4m)
Samsung 42? Plasma
Samsung DVD HD860 (came free with the TV:D )
Onkyo TX-SR 604
Sony PS 2
Tata Sky
Fronts ? Wharfedale 9.5?s
Center ? Wharfedale 9CS
Surround ? Wharfedale 9.1?s
Sub ? Wharfedale SW 150

2. Den (Length 3.3m, Width 3.3m, Height 2.1m)
Videocon Integra 32? LCD
Philips DVD
Marantz SR 4600
Nintendo Game Cube
Tata Sky
Front and Surrounds ? Athena S.5?s
Center ? Athena C.5
Sub ? Athena AS-P4000

Regards to all!

Hello paj4x4 (Pajero),

Welcome to the forum and wow two great av setups!

Thanks for sharing it with us. I am more of a music lover but would love to hear of your experience with the wharfedale with the onkyo.

I am looking for a AV setup for a cousin in the onkyo - wharfedale price range.
Hi Cyrus. You?re right about my handle ? on top of HT, 4x4?s (off-roading) is a favorite hobby of mine. Unfortunately the 4x4 scene in India hasn?t really taken off the ground yet so bulk of my free time nowadays is spent at home fiddling with the A/V set ups.

I?m very satisfied with the Onkyo ? Wharfedale set up. The 604 drives the speakers with a lot of room to spare. Delivery of movie soundtracks is crisp and clear ? timing is admirable. I watch mostly action/adventure/sci-fi films and I am not left wanting in scenes where there is a combination of voices shouting, bombs detonating or guns ablaze ? processing/delivery of the surround channel is clear.

Musically I feel that the Marantz 4600 in my other AV set up is better than the 604. The 604 I feel is on the neutral side and the 4600 is on the warmer side of things when it comes to music.

The 604 comes with an auto set up function. I prefer to set things up manually but this feature will come in handy for people new into HT. A couple of features that I really like:

1. Independent bass management ? where you can set different x-over points for each channel from 40-200hz
2. Zone 2 capability ? Driving another pair of speakers using a different source ? great for adding 2 channel music listening in a bedroom, garden, or balcony.

What Wharfedale set up is your cousin planning to get?

Thanks for you feedback

He is currently deciding on Denon-1907 (22K) along with the Wharfedale compact home theatre package with SW-150 subwoofer for 30K
Is it the 9HCP package or their Movie star series? The SW 150 is a very good sub in my book.
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