Hifi audio dealers in Bangalore

You can try IndiqAudio as well in Bangalore. They have very good offerings for all kinds budget.
+1 for IndiqAudio.
I purchased Indiq Audio Achal Platinum Towers and I am very much satisfied with the performance.
You may reach out to Amit(Owner of Indiq Audio). Even you may want to purchase something else he will guide you honestly.
Any information on this place called KRN Hifi? The office is located in Vijayanagar, Bangalore. Is he Legitimate; Was told that he is a Distributor of 13 Brands.
Do you have have info on this place ? Had been to shop recently and wanted to know if its safe to buy from a B2B.
Please ask him ( karan ) Which brand distributor ???? & check brand official websites # U get answers ( i think U understand )
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