Hindustani music exponent Gangubai Hangal passes away


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Sep 28, 2008
Hindustani music exponent Gangubai Hangal died in Karnataka's Hubli town Tuesday morning following cardiac and respiratory problems.

The doyenne of the Kirana Gharana was awarded India's prestigious civilian honours of Padma Bhushan and Padma Vibhushan in 1971 and 2002 respectively.

Source: The Times Of India - 21 July 2009
Gangubai Hangal had a unique tonal quality among women singers. She had a deep and wide voice, and extremely tuneful. Full throated straight notes and gamak was her specialty. Although she was a student of Kirana gharana great Sawai Gandharva (who was guru of also Bhimsen Joshi), she had a unique style which brought out a bit of Gwalior gharana and even a bit of folk styles, while staying true to the raga forms. With her demise, the old school is almost gone, and so is the simplicity of the musical personalities. She was an extremely simple person, almost with no ego and completely devoted to music. I have heard that whenever other musicians used to visit her home, she would cook and serve them herself. One of my favorite renditions of hers is in raga Abhogi Kanhra. Her daughter Krishna Hangal used to give Gangubai vocal support during her concerts, I do not know what has happened to Krishna Hangal, because we do not see Krishna performing as a solo artiste.

Very sad to know that, Rastaman. At her prime, Krishna Hangal was a good singer too. I have never heard her solo live performance, but heard her solo at the AIR conference over radio.
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