Hitachi PJ TX-100 Review


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Sep 20, 2006
Hi All,
Heres a detailed review of the Hitachi PJ TX 100 which I picked about a month back. Let me first begin with what I paid for the stuff I bought along with it.

Hitachi PJ 45k
DVD Player Pioneer DV 410 5.2k
Screen DIY 78 inch Diagonal 4.5k
HDMI cable 3.5k (10m) DAC
DVI converter 1k
PJ Stand Shelf DIY 1.8k
Speaker Mordaunt short for centre & Surround, Indian make fronts
Receiver Good Ol Yammy RXV-450

1. Looks One of the reasons I immediately fell for this PJ was the way it looked. That huge projection lens stares right at you. I know as the its not one of the most important things to consider while buying a PJ but still I appreciate that Hitachi had a thing for such great design way back then. Its styled uber cool and got nice curves all around.

2. PQ Out of the box picture is just great and with the help of some tweaks was able to get the the kind of picture I wanted. I watch cinema mode with a color temp of about 8500K. Gives good results. I had been using a CRT 29 inch TV thus far so the jump in terms of PQ as well. As far as the blacks go its gives decent levels for a LCD. One other thing about this PJ is that it gives amazing amount of picture details and can really bare down a bad video transfer. For instance this almost tells me the difference between a original DVD and the pirated stuff so many of the Malaysian make DVDs that I had owned due to DTS sound track, now I can make out that these are pirated. It shows the difference. I have started buying original now and next in line is a big flix membership. Pixellation or Screen door effect is not an issue at all I watch a 78 inch diagonal screen from 8 feet and I see 0 pixellation. Couldnt be happier. The whole experience of watching on a PJ is so immersive, dramatic and surreal..its just blows my mind. BTW I use a 1.3 gain screen and the image I get are bright enough for movie watching even with a little ambient light during day time. The DTS demo dvd looks out of this world, I am talking about the Adrenalin Rush base jumping clip with DTS, thats how I am showing off this thing right now.

3. Noise Its got low fan noise and it completely fades away once the movie soundtrack kicks in.

4. Functionality Its got a well laid out backlit remote, which is quiet handy and has most of the functions I need. I dont have a whole lot of basis for comparison but the UI and stuff seems pretty reasonable for my standards.

I am satisfied with the purchase. This is not a projector which is like a latest stuff but I pretty OK with that as I knew what I was going for. Given the money I paid, I dont think I could have gotten a better deal.

here are some pics for u all:
Congratulations from me too.


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Congratulations!! The whole setup looks great in pics!
Please let us know in detail how you got your DIY screen made.
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