Home Theater in Box or Seperate.


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Mar 20, 2008

I am looking for a good Home Theater and my budget is around 30K. I am not a very techy guy who knows lot about music instruments. I need it for my living room which around 13x15 fts with lot of wooden work. Purpose is for moving and music.

I am confused on what to select. Should I go for HTIB or purchase seperate? As I have budget restriction, I am not sure if I will get good deals in purchasing seperately.

I live in Pune, if you can suggest some good brands in both with local stores details, would be helpful to me.

Pls advise.

It would be very very hard to put together a multichannel separates based system for INR 30K. I would recommend an HTIB. Yo can look at HTIBs from JVC, Pioneer, Samsung, LG, Sony etc in that price range. If you a little further up, you can go for an Onkyo, Marantz or a Harman Kardon.

One person I know who deals in hi-end components in Pune is Jay of Sound n Vision hi-fi (soundnvisionhifi.com).
You might want to consider the Onkyo Gladiator series which does come under 30k. This comes with the receiver and 5.1 speakers. You should add in your own DVD player.
But never buy HTiB with built-in dvd player. If you are planning to buy one with built-in dvd player then check for manual in puts for 5.1 speakers
Thanks Guys for response.

I checked some of the models here in Pune. They dont have too many but few of them. I felt Yahama HTR 6030and 6040 better, though it is a entry level.

After listening, I have increased my budget a little to 35 K INR. :) They have a package deal (29K INR) of HTR 6030 and 6040 with NS 8900, NS-P8900. It doesnt have a sub.

Pls advise on this model and the package. A quick response would be great !! ;)

hi Unleashthemagic

I would suggest you to try the package from Harman Kardan AVR 137 along with JBL SCS 140.
Also the Marantz SR 301 along with Boston MS 4000 or along with Canton Micro speaker system. Yamaha RXV 361 with NS 7900 or 8900 package. They all fall around Rs.35,000/- range. and the JBL / HK Combo is the best here , have a demo and then decide.

I would suggest you to try the package from Harman Kardan AVR 137 along with JBL SCS 140.

Ditto that. I saw two budget HT packages from the house of Harman International. One at 25k and the other at 35k. IMHO, they redefined what could be achieved at that price. Must audition.
Can't say about Pune, but the Mumbai dealer is:

JBL, 3rd Floor, Atria Mall, Worli, Mumbai 400 025. Ph: (+91 22) 2481 3363

You may call them and ask. In Delhi HK/JBL is available at may be 5 places. Hopefully it would be same in other metros.
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