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Aug 4, 2008
Hi, I am very new to this site/forum. I am making my new house in NOIDA [near Delhi] which is almost on finishing stage. The bedroom [dimensions 28 ' width, 14 ' depth, 10 ' height] where the back of bed is to be placed on longer wall and Plasma/LCD will be opposite the wall [where bed is placed] i.e. 14 ' across on the opposite wall.

I want to buy Plasma/LCD, and a music system to be integrated with it so as to make it a compatible home theatre system.

I have never got an opportunity/time to enjoy/appreciate good music but I am very keen to have a reasonably good music system and want to develop a taste for good music.

I am looking for guidance and help from fellow friends to give me viable solutions.

My budget for the music system i.e. amplifier, speakers, DVD/CD Vedio/Audio player etc. [other than the Plasma/LCD] is around Rs.50000/-

New Delhi

Welcome to the forum and have eventful time here !

Regarding the query, within the said budget there aren't that many systems the we can recommend !

You can look at complete speaker system from Wharfedale, With diamond 8.3 as fronts and WH series center and surround ! the AVR can of Yamaha (preferably 463 ) or Denon !

Or another option is to buy a complete HT package including speakers and receivers from a single brand like Onkyo or Yamaha etc.

Please do browse the forum completely find more details as many have discussed the same issue !

For excellent sound that won't break the bank, the 5 Star Award Winning Wharfedale Diamond 12.1 Bookshelf Speakers is the one to consider!