Home Theatre setup under 1 Lac - Denon + Jamo?


Feb 25, 2008
I want to buy a new home theatre setup. Budget is stretchable to 1 Lac.

My needs:

Music (lots of) and movies (2 or 3 a week).

I already have a Sony HTIB (DZ750) which I plan to move the bedroom from the family room.

The new setup will go into the family room, with ideally a 5.1 speaker setup (or 2.1 to start with, adding centre and surrounds later).

I also have a pair of Bose 301 speakers, which I plan to use in the living room adjascent to the family room.

My objective is to be able to "pipe" my Worldspace connection or favourite music into the whole house ie the living room, the family room and the master bedroom.

I have thought of the following:

Denon AVR-1508 7.1 channel amplifier.
Jamo 406 or 606 2.1 or 5.1 speakers.

Connect the Jamo to the Denon amp in the family room. Connect the Bose 301s in the living room to the same Denon amp as speaker set B. Take a "line-out" from the Denon amp to the master bedroom where the Sony DZ750 will now sit.

Connect the Worldspace receiver to the Denon. Also connect DVD player to it.

This way, whatever music is playing in the family room, can also be heard on the Bose-301's in the living room (as speaker set B, since the amp is capable of playing speaker set A+B). The signal is also fed into the master bedroom from line out to the Sony HTIB as "audio in" and can also be played there. Voila - whole house audio, playing jazz music in the background all day!

The 3 systems can also be used separately.

Any suggestions / ideas please ? Should I get a different amp with same or better capabilities? Should I get different speakers? I do listen to all kinds of music - sometimes loud too.

I look forward to all suggestions.

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