How may I use my old speakers?


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Jul 7, 2008

What shall I do with my old speakers from Pioneer stereo component? Can I use these as sub or bass module to complement with my bookshelf tannoy speakers?

Soundsgreat, please . . .

Thanks in advance.

Xela I don't think you can use a midi compo systems speakers as Sub !! but if you tell me the model number or post a pic here then I'll have look and let you know what exactly you can do with it !!

Aslo please do give complete info of your new purchase !! whats the current arrangement etc ! this will help to determine the exact solution required !


Here are some specs of my old speakers: Max power - 70W; Impedance 6 Ohms, bookshelf. I purchased the unit in 1998.

I purchased: 2 bookshelf Tannoy speakers; Marantz SR301;

I hope this will help. But if not, can I use this as surround?

Thanks in advance!

With the details you've given, I can tell you that its most certainly be suitable for surround !! you can use them as surround speakers without a problem ;) !!

As said earlier you cannot use them as Sub !

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Hmm ! yes please do look for a decent sub ! if you have any budget please share so that we can suggest some suitable subs in that range !

I only wish you had joined this forum before buying the speakers !!

Coz the marantz itself has a whole 5.1 channel speaker package thats very cheap and perform decently for the money !!


Welcome to Marantz

Please do checkout and let Us know your thoughts on this !!

Hi Soundsgreat!

I tele-canvassed for sub, coz our city is about 500Km from Manila . .. we don't have stores here that offer speakers and subs . . .the price range is Php9K (Wharfedale SW150) to Php18K(Tannoy TS10) . . . BTW our exchange rate is 1:1. . . Maybe I'll settle for the SW150, what do you think? . . Please recommend also a decent center speaker which I'm planning to buy in the near future.

Just for info Guys, my other HT is Bose Accoustimas 6 connected to AVR Onkyo TX-SR502 6.1. its in the corner of my living room.


You can settle for SW150 its nice sub ! The center you can look into Wharfedale diamond 8 center or 9 CC ! or can look into the tannoy range ! but for best Value for money I'd say stick to Wharfedale ;) !

Am not a fan of Bose so will not comment on it :p! Please don't mind !

That will help a lot Soundsgreat!

Re Bose: No, I don't mind. . . .Didn't you notice why I'm setting-up new HT? :)

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