How to Connect a Subwoofer to an Amplifier?

If the subwoofer's LINE IN uses RCA cables and the subwoofer out on the receiver/amplifier also uses RCA, plug it in using an RCA cable. If the cable is split on one end (a y-cable for both right and left channels), plug it in the R and L ports on the subwoofer. The best way to hook up a subwoofer to an amplifier with no dedicated subwoofer out is to use a "Y" splitter cable.

Easy Steps to Connect a Subwoofer to Speaker Level Outputs

  • Check the specifications on your receiver.
  • Check the specifications on your subwoofer.
  • Use two speaker wires to connect to the front and back of the sub on the left and right audio channels.
  • Adjust the filter on the subwoofer to clarify the audio.
  • Enjoy the bass
While a powered subwoofer (active subwoofer) does not need to be connected to an amplifier since its amp is built-in, you can connect a powered sub to an amp for data transmission only.
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