How to Connect TV and DVD (HDMI) with HT non HDMI


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Jun 12, 2008
I have the following components
? TV :panasonic 42PV7 Plasma ( HD ready with HDMI input)
? DVD :-Sony DVP-NS78H (with HDMI and Optical output)
? Home Theatre :-Onkyo HT-S770 - 6.1 channel (with Optical and coaxial input but without HDMI input)
I used to connect my DVD player and Home theatre thru Optical cable before buying the plasma TV.

Please advise on the following
1. What is the best way to hook all these three together for Audio and Video to watch movies
2. Whether I can connect DVD player and TV via HDMI cable (for Video) and still use audio optical cable for HT (for audio) at the same time to watch movies?
3. Can I use HDMI cable with my Onkyo receiver which does not have a HDMI port with some connector or something?

You don't need to route the signals through the AVR !! you can connect them directly to the as said by you !!

The only benefit that you'll get by routing the signals through the AVR is you can switch the inputs (if you have multiple inputs and a limited input in TV) thats all !!

So I'd suggest you to Connect the Video inputs directly to the TV and Audio to the AVR !!

Thanks for the just to confirm I will connect Video using HDMI out from DVD to the Plasma and Audio Otpical or Coaxial cable from the DVD player to the AVR..
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