How to make BD player region free?

I just did it to my Samsung BD E5500 purchased from Middle East and this beautiful hack made it region free not only for the disc but also for the USB media.

It reminded me ,l had Toshiba Bdp and a firmware hack made it region free. Also dtma would pass through via USB there after.
My oppo Blu ray Player 103D is completely region free for dvd and Blu ray. I have got a hardware mod which I installed myself. Perfect in the way that it is perhaps the perfect player to mod. Also as a bonus the mod is damn easy.
well I have done a software mod to my oppo 93. just loaded a disc and voila it was done it reads disc from all regions. But with all streaming of 4k content coupled with gaming rigs like sony PS5/Xbox-X I doubt whether my BD player will see much usage in future.
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