How to make cool glowing logo


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Mar 3, 2008
Some diy devices need glowing logo /indicators.
screen printing on acrylic is possible..but not feasible at all places... here is a easy trick:

1) print many copies of the logo on a4 butter paper
with font white and background black
2) cut each logo keeping some extra space from the logo rectangle and stick 2 or 3 of these for making the dark more darker ,careful the glue will dissolve the laser print,so no glue on the print.
3)Finally stick to a thin acrylic,attach to cabinet, put 2 ultra bright leds behind for a 5 cm logo

I have not yet used the exotic can imagine possibilities.
any logo/indication can be made this way eg:

'no SPDIF' in dac
'amp overheat' in amp
'spdif' / 'Usb' /'Co-ax' in dac

result with 1 LED ,small scale is for demo instead of acrylic:
Neat Trick!

What do you mean by 'font white and background black'? Butter paper is available in white only.

Neat Trick!

What do you mean by 'font white and background black'? Butter paper is available in white only.


itz "font color" ie letters color white background black like:

butter paper is semitransparent ..
passes good amount of light ...

other notes:
1)just 'clear LED' [ultra bright is not a must]
for back lit is enough..
Let me give some example applications :bargraph,glowing DVD tray with DVD logo,a volume db marker,house hold switch boards with switch names,HTPC
cabinet modd with logo..Alphanumeric segment,7segment display,even the car speedometer..

just wanted to show how powerful DIY tricks may be!!!

2)if you can print the with very strong ink 1 logo will suffice
..else if you get small amount of light passing(common case),stack 2 logo print...glue as i told in the first post.

3)This is logo and LED can be housed in a plastic tiny case and can be sealed for moisture protection.I guess this is not needed for general use...
Please post queries ...
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Ok here is completed one with smd yellow LEDs,I have used some attractive text ..

I need to add a diffuser,
whats that ?dont worry it can be a butter paper or blurry plastic to spread light evenly ! I am noob when it comes to light...

Sorry for the poor mobile camera pic,practically it looks pretty satisfying...

Well I am not making dipawali lights heheh :yahoo:

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thank you gruby..
quad surely will try edge lighting some day ,seems
a lil complex! good for PC modding..

audiophile units should not be fitted
with too much lighting..else they will look like toy:)
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