How to make your Karaoke song like Pro ?


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Apr 10, 2008

I am starting this thread who like to sing and would like to make their song sound like pro. Being a hobby singer, I try recording good vocals and mix with karaoke tracks available on YouTube. But biggest problem is mixing. vocals when added to track may not sound clean and interfere with rest of instruments. But when I here some home recorded YouTube videos, some of them sounds great.

Currently I am using following gears-

Mic- Maono AU-04 (usb mic)
Pop filter - Maono AU-B00
DAW- Audacity

I know this is simple setup but it records my vocals clear and somewhat natural. I have read many tutorials online which illustrates who to process vocals and mix tracks, still the end results are not best.
I prefer to use following chain mostly-

Vocals> Noise reduction> Gate > Eq > Compressor > Echo/Delay/Reverb

All sounds good till I mix it with track.

Check this videos as a kind reference

Neumann tlm 102, focusrite 6i6 sound card and Logic Pro is used in above video.

I would like to know what is the best method to record and mix a Karaoke song which you may be using.
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