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How to rip a DTS Audio CD ?

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Jan 28, 2009
Kolkata, Paschim Bango
I have a DTS Audio CD. How can it be ripped in mp3 ?

What is DTS Audio CD?

From wiki >
The DTS Music Disc (official name),[1] DTS Audio CD or 5.1 Music Disc is an audio Compact Disc that contains music in surround sound format. It is a predecessor of DVD-Audio. Physically, it conforms to the Red Book standard, except for the way the music is encoded on the CD. Where regular CDs store the music as linear PCM, the DTS-CD stores music using the DTS format, with the same fixed bitrate as 16-bit linear PCM, namely 1,411,200 bit/s or roughly 1,378 Kib/s.

As opposed to other surround formats, such as Super Audio CD and DVD-Audio, which require a specialized player, a DTS-CD is compatible with most standard CD and DVD players with a digital (S/PDIF) output. These players will recognize the disk as a standard audio CD. The only requirement is an audio processor, usually a receiver, that can decode the DTS audio stream.

Available surround content variations include 5.1, 5.1 ES, and 6.1 ES, each with or without the optional LFE channel.
The tracks are not being recognized by Windows M Player.


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Nov 29, 2006
Since your able to play your DTS CD with Foobar you can use it to convert your DTS tracks to MP3.

1. Select the tracks that you want to convert in the playlist and right click and select - Convert > ... (last option)

2. In Converter setup click on "Output format" and change it to MP3 or any other format that you wish to convert to. Double click the selected format or click on edit to change to quality (bit rate).


3. Click back and click on Processing, make sure that the "Additional decoding" option is selected. From the available DSPs list select "Convert 5.1 to stereo" and add it to the Active DSPs list by click on the left arrow. If your converting to 5.1 WAV (PCM) or other 5.1 formats then you can skip this step.

4. Click back and click on convert to start conversion. If you have not set up a MP3 encoder with Foorbar then you will be prompted to enter the location of the encoder, conversion will start once you give the location of the LAME encoder.
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