how to use USB with ONKYO DV-SP406 1080p Upscaling DVD/CD/MP3 Player


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Nov 11, 2008
Hi All,

I bought DV-SP406 1080p Upscaling DVD/CD/MP3 Player. i put the USB drive into it.
and tried to play the mp3's, it didnt work out. [mp3's are under one folder of root].
so basically how to play the MP3 song from USB with ONKYO DV-SP406 1080p ?
Do i need any patches...

Thanks for responding this basic query.

Best Regards,
Most players have to understand whether you are using the DVD or the USB. On the remote you will find a button to switch between the two. Once you choose USB, the player should display the directory and files on the screen. You can then choose what you want to play.

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thanks Venkat for the quick reply,
yes i do have 2 button on the remote. & when i changed to USB mode, it didnt show the folder struct. thats the problem.
could you suggest anything on this, or shell i try to run this USB's mp3 from root folder ?
or Any kinda patch is required.

Well, going quickly through the manual, I found the following points in the manual.

  • You can switch USB and DISC mode by pressing RETURN only in stop mode.
  • Do not extract the USB device in operating Aback up demands to prevent a data damage.
  • If you use a USB extension cable or USB HUB, the USB device might not be recognized.
  • Music files (MP3/WMA), photo files (JPEG) and DivX files can be played.
  • This unit is not supported when the total number of files is more than 650.
  • The USB function of this unit does not support all kinds of USB devices.
  • Digital camera and mobile phone are not supported.
  • Onkyo cannot be held responsible for damage to the USB device or for loss of data.

What I would suggest is the following

Use a USB stick or flash drive.
Copy some MP3 files in the root.
Create a sub directory, and copy some more MP3 files into that also.
Insert the USB flash drive into the player.
Press 'Top Menu' and see what happens.

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