HT package under 30K


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Apr 19, 2009
I would like to buy a 5.1 package for my 42 inch LCD.

We live in an apartment and cannot hence play the system at high volumes. Moreover, it should sound decent for games (on XBox 360), music (soft rock and old hindi numbers) and movies. Lemme know if I am asking for too much for that price :sad:

I heard a few Onkyo, Sony, Philips, Panasonic 5.1 HTIBs and was reasonably satisfied by only the Onkyo 5105. But, felt movie conversations did not sound as clear as I would have liked it.

So, though it costs Rs29,990 (in Blore), I am now thinking of spending a little more if I can get something that offers much better performance for the extra money (max 40K). I intend to try our separates next weekend. Any suggestions from this forum would really save me a lot of time and would be greatly appreciated.

Btw, I do not want a 7.1 system becoz I have already done up the in-wall cabling for two wall-mounted rear speakers.

Hi Prabhu,

Recently we purchased Yamaha 463 receiver for 17.3K and Yamaha NS 8390 floor standers for 8.5K and NSP 60(centre+surrounds) for 5.5K from Xcite, blore. The setup sounds really good.

If you don't like Yamaha speakers then you might try mission m34i(17K - if you get from Vijay sales mumbai) and go for mission center and surround for 8k.

This will come in your budget of 40K.

Since in both the options the front speakers are floor standers, you will get decent bass and no need for subwoofer as of now. later you can upgrade to a subwoofer as your budget is only 40k.

Hope this helps.

The Onkyo 5100 is better, but costs around 40K. You can go with what Prakash has suggested. I've heard it and it's pretty good especially since it comes with 2 FS. It's also available at Tata Croma so check who is giving a better deal.
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