Ijjazat with Dialogues, CD


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Nov 19, 2008
Can anyone help me in finding a CD of Ijjazat which also has dialogues.

I used to have a cassette of this about fifteen years back. While the song CD is available, i am yearning for the version that includes the dialogues also.
The movie name is "Ijaazat".
I have the cassette with dialogs. I also have the movie songs on a CD, along with Ghar and Masoom. The CD does not have any dialogs.

The songs of this movie are also available in two more combinations, but I doubt they have any dialogs either. Normally the full tracks were releases on solo LP/cassettes when the movie was released, and then followed up later as a combination/compilation. I do not think Ijaazat was ever released as a solo album on CD.

You could buy the movie on Moserbaer DVD, but the sound recording is bound to be pathetic.

Me too have fond memories of casette.

I remember the shock when I bought that cassette in 1987. It was a mono recording, and was also numbered accordingly (without an 's' at the end).
They never released this movie on LP record. So I ordered the Gulzar collection "Fursat ke Raat Din" on a LP, from HMV's music mail (they used to send me a hard copy of their complete catalog!). That one had the "Mera Kuchh Saamaan" song. The recording was better than the cassette, but not up to my expectations. I bought the CD after many years.

I still have all the three versions. Why did you guys dispose the cassette? Was it due to storage space restrictions?

Rhythm House in Bombay does not have the standalone CD. Haramacd.com also does not have the song with dialogues in its database.

Over the last six months all my search has only shown this as a combination CD without the dialogues.

Looks like the only option is to convert an existing cassette (where to find a good quality one) into a digital format.

There seem to be some versions floating around in the net though.
I have written to saregama (erstwhile HMV) asking them to help with this version. let us see if we get any positive response.
Managed to get just the three sets of dialogues that come with the cassette in digital form.

I will now make an Audio CD with dialogues and the songs. It is going to be a bit awkward with the dialogues in one quality and songs in a slightly superior quality. Unless saregama reverts with an offer to provide the original.
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