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Oct 27, 2007
This thread is completely off-topic as far as audio is concerned.

I was reading through various forums (including this one) and it suddenly struck me that the usage of the acronyms In My Opinion (IMO) in language most probably started with these online discussions between people across the Internet. I have seen it used (but rarely) during IM chats but very frequently on discussion forums.
I find it an unnecessary acronym in any discussion (real or virtual) because when you're posting something or giving your views on a topic, they have to be YOUR opinion, by default. You're not giving your postman's or neighbour's dog's opinion (even if they had an opinion to give...). So to me it's a wastage of words, which adds no information to the discussion and for me, actually distracts from what the person is trying to convey.

IM-Humble-0 is even worse. First, it means that most of your opinions are not humble, if you had to specifically qualify this one as being humble :) Secondly, I have observed that a majority of posts which begin with IMHO degenerate into a fist fight. This is especially true of American posters.

Again, this is just a random observation that I'm sharing with the members here. Having said that, I can also say that this forum is much more refined, helpful and polite compared to many other audio forums out there, where people are just out to showcase their own knowledge, rather than discussing, sharing and helping. Perhaps that is why I have not seen so many instances of IMO/IMHO in this forum, compared to others.

PS: All the above is In My Opinion, which is not so humble, in general :D
When we use IMO/IMHO we imply that we are open to be corrected. Opinions could be hardheaded or could be changed.

IMO or IMHO basically tells us that the poster is being polite while expressing his/her opinion.
It also means that the post is supposed to be less aggressive and not to be construed a person-person war of words(if it is a criticism)

I would welcome this usage.
Finally, a smart alec once said "Opinions are like a$$holes. Every body has one"
Moderator, if this language is not acceptable in this forum, pls feel free to delete this. no offence meant..just a pun.

Any discussion, particularly in audio/video, has two 'sides to the story', so to say. One is the objective part, which many times is backed by scientific or well accepted fact. For example when one says you need a 1920x1080 pixel matrix to view a 1080p upscaled video, there is no opinion. Similarly when one says that a particular speaker has 89dB sensitivty, this is a fact stated by the manufacturer after testing.

But audio/video does not end there. There are lots of subjective elements, which usually lead to arguments. For example, when I say upsampling has no value compared to over sampling - it is just my considered opinion. But if I take the same digital data and do a DAC, first through upsampling then through over sampling, and then present the resultant data that cannot be argued againts, my opinion becomes a fact.

Unfortunately this field is so hotly debated all the time. One can take the same example, do the experiments in a different way and proclaim the first results were wrong. And that upsampling is better than over sampling.

When we move into the human element of seeing and hearing, it is very clearly one opinion against another. Your personal likes and dislikes, what you have been living with etc., have a great value. I don't like Rap at all. But that does not mean nobody else likes Rap.

When you pass a subjective judgment on a piece of equipment, a movie, a song, or even an artist, it is better to qualify the judgment with an IMO. This will avoid unnecessary heart burns and needless arguments. Points such as power cords, high end cables etc have been the center of such endless arguments for a long time.

Venkat and Real*,

I understand the reasons behind the use of the acronyms. But I find the need superfluous, since in most discussions, one understands when the poster is stating fact or opinion. And in most of our audio discussions, most 'facts' are actually 'informed opinions' or experience. I just found it annoying to read those acronyms constantly, even under very obvious circumstances. rolleyes: Hence my post on the topic. We normally don't use them in daily conversation, even when we are stating an opinion...or maybe it's just me :eek::

I'm seriously considering making your post my tagline :D
You're not giving your postman's or neighbour's dog's opinion (even if they had an opinion to give...).

LOL , I was laughing alone for a very long time after reading this ,

IMO the best forum in the world. ;)

one could be providing an opinion read a review for example. IMO, its fine to say IMO or IMHO - superfluity never killed anyone.
one could be providing an opinion read a review for example. IMO, its fine to say IMO or IMHO - superfluity never killed anyone.
In that case, it's the reviewer's opinion, not ours.:eek:
Superfluousness kills the English verbose word at a time. Why use redundant expressions when the same can be conveyed with much less bandwidth?
I meant that if one is giving an opinion from elsewhere, it wouldnt be right to use IMO or IMHO. it may be used to qualify an opinion as original thought, rare as they are.
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