In-Ear Earphones ..range till 10k

Sidharth Trehan

New Member
Sep 28, 2008
Dear all,
Have nearly zeroed in on models like cx500, Sound magic PL50 (for its roaring reviews).

Would just need advice on where can we get good deals for the similar models or anyones till 10k range in Delhi.

Pls assist, i shall be using these with ipod and is used while working out, driving, with PSP. I currently have Creative 450 or 430 ..pretty rusted but still working well for the money spent.

Over to your advice.

With in 10K range, you have got lot of options.

1. If you need flat sound, Go for Westone UM1
2. If you need Bass, Go for Atrio M5 or for Monster turbines or SA 6.

Specify your taste... so that people can suggest
Thanks friend, my apologies for a half baked post.

-I would need bass ..yes.
-I would need a set that avoids sibilance quite much and doesnt have a flat sound.
-Shudnt pick noise from rubbing of wires

- I am aware that i shall have to compromise on dynamics, so pls advise accordingly.
- If u or anyone has used Shure, then pls advise. Pls avoid results by web search, i have almost done it all.

Do we have importers of any brands other than Shure in Delhi?
I am using Atrio M5 from almost a year with D2. They are really good on bass. Regarding the cable noise, If you wear any IEM Over the ear, it looks little weird , but you can overcome the cable noise.

Till now I have used Atrios, FS1,Xbi, Vmoda bass freq and Ep 630. Bass is superb in Atrios.

Hope this helps :)
Hi Sid
Not much experience with headphones/earphones but I feel you will need a good headphone amp to get the best out of your new earphones you plan to purchase
Ipod or PSP by itself wont do any justice to it
Am going one by one, wanted to pick moster turbines with a Fiio 5. As i mainly need these for workouts and then any other playtime.

Had to write off cuz of cable noise issue that many complained from monsters.

Hence needed options on models used by members n their reviews.
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