In search of a best floorstander !! - Experience & Reviews

I haven't listened to it. I am getting to know that brand first time. By the way ,mine is RX6 and not RX8. Anyways speakers are always subjective opinion. What I look for might not be what you look for :)
Bharat ,

very well written review. I have been going through the same phase and still not decided.

I have auditioned

Q acoustics 2050

can you tell me what is the price of RX6 and where did ou get from? and what was the amp used for auditioning?
After seeing your review , i am tempted to audition before closing on my 5.1 system
for my living room
Thanks Karthick ,
Yes you right. I think its the best in that segment.
Frankly I didnt have that budget when I reached there. But having listened to it, I could compromise on anything lesser. Hence had to strech and pick it up. One of the reason why I did stretch was because I got a very good deal on Onkyo nr626 . Hence whatever I was able to save there I added it to the speakers !!

Again, I think the dealers will have to put that effort of convincing the customer to shell out that extra bucks for a better quality , by making them actually listen to it. Many of the dealers form a wrong prenotion about the customer ,his affordability and dont even attempt to show the ones which are of higher quality because of that
Sunil ,
I got it at Audio people Chennai . The price is almost 1.5 times that of Qacoustics 2050i. I purposefully auditioned them using AV receiver because I will be using the speakers only with that at home. Please listen to them before deciding . You might shell extra money for their quality :)

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I had already bought an 7.2 receiver sometime back. Hence I am constrained to use it. In future once I set up a proper Audio room , I will definitely get an integrated amplifier
I've to decide between:
1) SONODYNE SONUS 2605 V3 floor stander + their center
2) Pioneer SP-FS52-LR Andrew Jones floor stander + Pioneer SP-C22 Center

What I have:
1) Onkyo entry level HT-S3400 (HT-R390 AVR) - I'll upgrade this to a better quality Denon / Yamaha AVR later; say next year or so. Currently I'll be using these speakers with this ONKYO.
2) Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Andrew Jones Designed Bookshelf Loudspeakers (pair) - currntly they are the front channels, will be moved to surrounds once I get floor standers.
3) Blu ray Player: Samsung BD-H6500
3) TV: Samsung 48H6400
4) Default Onkyo Centre channel and sub woofer

I hope both the above mentioned floor standers + centre will come around 30K budget. SONODYNE SONUS 2605 V3 floor stander + their center; MRP is around 42 but heard they give 26% (yes 26%) discount on Republic Day! which one will be better? :confused: I'm planning to keep my BS-22 for Surrounds in both situation. and will be using Onkyo supplied Sub woofer until my AVR upgrade.

Please let me know your thoughts / suggestions.
Have you auditioned both ?

If you have not auditioned please do that first. Both are from the entry level segment and both have got good reviews. I have listened to Sonus 2605 and liked it. But have not listened to SF52 but have seen it good reviews. Once you to listen to them pick the one based on your preferences based on two parameters which one is important
a) you want a overall good balanced sonic performance ( this will be better with SF52 since you already have pioneer left and right channels)
b) you want a quality stereo sound (this has to be tested by your ears :) )

If SF52 gives you both then you are solved else you have to take a call on a) Vs b)
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