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Sep 14, 2008
I plan to make a false ceiling in my living room.

I plan to keep 4 speakers in four corners of the false ceiling facing the floor and a sub woofer below the TV.

I need to know what kind of speakers, amplifier and DVD player is needed.

I am a normal audio listener. I need the bare necessary model, I prefer philipps for only speakers.

I dont want to invest a huge amount as the listening will be at a normal human decibel level. My parents are around 55 - 65 age.

Please suggest me the speakers, amp and DVD player.

Also let me know the pros and cons of in ceiling speakers.

I live in chennai pl let me know where i can get them (ritchie street)
Hi Ripper :

Apart from Philips, check out Wharfedale and B&W(If budget is no constraint). Have auditioned the former and they are extremely good.
Thanks for your reply.

What will be the cost for Wharfedale and B&W?

How many speakers do you think i should install.

I mean the tech specs. and also suggest me a good amp , pre amp and other gadgets.

If the quality is extremely good price is not a factor.

Any suggestions for in ceiling aspect.

I am a little confused about your objectives.

You want to connect four ceiling speakers. What will these speakers do? Just play music, or be part of a HT System?

Most two channel amplifiers that are sold for residential and consumer market have just two outputs - Left & Right. You can connect only one speaker of a particular impedance to this output. If you connect more than one speaker, you will be (for want of a better way to put it) doubling the load on the amplifier. Granted there are spacial wiring techniques such as series, parallel, and series/parallel available. But these must be done carefully to ensure that the total load is within the power handling capacity of the amplifier.

If it part of an HT System, which output will you connect to the ceiling speakers? Again the Front L&R, and the rear surround? Only Yamaha has the concept of output for what they call 'Presence'. This is available only in their high end models where they have 9.1 and 11.1 systems.

If it just music that you want to pipe as they do in airports, offices, and stations, you must choose from commercial amplifiers, mixers, or multi-channel amplifiers that are made for this specific purpose.

Let us understand your objectives first.

Thanks Venkat

That was a good explanation. As i told earlier i just want to play music.

That would be a multi channel amps. Please suggest a higher RMS speakers. With good Bass and stereo output.

Let me know the brand which has these options (budget concious)
For detailed specs. of Wharfedale speakers you can get it from their site or you could speak to Kshitij Shah of Designer Audio, Mumbai, who are the official importers of Wharfedales and Quad on Tel. no: 022 23520320.

Similarly you can get info. on B&W from their site. Also you may contact A2V, Mumbai on Tel. No:022 22004040/22072288.

Since your location in India is not clear, have suggested reputed Dealers from Mumbai.
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The electronics you have to look for are called Line Amplifiers or multichannel amplifiers.

Some of the best in the world are CSC, and Samson. Fortunately both are represented in India by Pro Musicals. I have spoken to them. Contact one Mr. Perumal there. A four channel amplifier from one of these companies would cost you around 20K. You have to add the cost of speakers and wiring.

In Ritchie street, Torvin makes their own 4-channel amplifiers - TA-480 that pumps out 80 watts into 4 ohms. Frankly I have no idea about other shops in Ritchie Street. You have take a day off and stroll to find out what is available.

When you assemble a system, just ensure that the impedance of the amplifier and the speakers match.

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