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Dec 15, 2008
Dear Friends,

I want to introduce a new entry in the field of Digital Home Theatre.

This is a company based in Kerala. They came out with their products during April 2008. I will not call their products a full fledged HT set up since they have no video processing capability. What they have a multi channel digital amplifier ( 5.1).

About the Company

The name of the company is P YEE AUDIO ( Pounced as PE Audio) The company is run by 3 persons came together because of their love for good music and sound. The speaker units, cabinets, crossovers etc are outsourced and imported from Korea. The PCBs, Transformers and other hardware are imported from Sweden and Korea. The have a patent pending technology incorporated in the amp. The amp has Dolby Digital, Prologic and DTS encoding built in. They have an assembling uint in Kerala where the components are assembled and tested.

About the Built

The amp itself is built decently. The finish is acceptable. However, the speakers connectors are the back are a bit flimsy and if you fiddle with them too much, they can break. They have different models to choose from. The price range is between Rs:12,000 and Rs: 30,000 ( Approximately) The model at the highest end called PV Diamond has a pair of large floor standers, One sub woofer, two surrounds and a center speaker. The other models have aluminum die case round speakers. The color of the speaker boxes go well with LCD TVs. For the high end model, the rear speakers can be fixed on stands which come along with the package. You can also wall mount the speakers.
The package come with imported gold plated inter connects and heavy duty imported speaker wires. The sub woofer is not a powered sub.

The Sound

They have done a pretty decent job with the software. The amp produces very good sound both in 2 channel and multi channel. The amp has built in AM/FM radio and everything is connected to the amp. The STB of the TV, the DVD player etc. Then only the remote of the amp is used to switch between sources. It is very convenient. The sound can be modified to ones liking using the remote. Sound of each of the speakers can be controlled independently. The amp comes with several pre set equalizer modes like Rock, pop, Classical, Live etc and there is a custom mode also. (These are available in the high end model and in the other models, the features are less, but the sound quality is the same since they have used the same module) . Listening to some channels like HBO, Start moves etc through this amp is a different experience as it produces a very clever virtual surround effect.

Considering the price point, the sound quality is comparable with some of the entry or mid level reputed AVR;s. I was really amused to understand that one gentleman after hearing the system purchased the package and when the installation team went to his house for installation, they were surprised to see a Marantz AVR and associated foreign speaker set up. When asked, he told them to replace the same with their package.

For those who are looking for a single unit for hearing music and watching DVDs without comprising on the sound quality while listening to 2 channel music, then this is a very viable option. Even though a digital amp may not be able to produce the kind of sound as that of a regular 2 channel analog amp, still the convenience and the price point makes this a very attractive choice.


Currently, these are available only in Cochin, Trivandurm and Kottayam in Kerala. The company is planning to market the products soon in Comibatore , Chennai and Bangalore.

Contact Information.

For details, you can visit their web site :: P Y E E A U D I O ::

For information on prices, delivery etc, you can contact Mr. Mahadevan, Project Director.
His mobile number is 91 94470 42278 and his e-mail id is [email protected]

Thanks and Regards

Rajendran Menon

How well do you know these people? Will they be ready to provide a sample piece (amp) for a week or two for auditioning?


How well do you know these people? Will they be ready to provide a sample piece (amp) for a week or two for auditioning?



I purchased a set yesterday. I know Mr. Mahadevan well. I am not sure who they have appointed in Chennai as the dealer. You can talk to Mr. Mahadevan on this. But getting the pieces to Chennai could be an issue. Sending by courier could be expensive. The floor standers packages itself is over 26 kg. If possible, I will also speak to him and see if anyting can be done.


We need not do the whole package. I can first audition the amp alone with my speakers, and then later maybe do the speaker with my amp.

Speak to Mahadevan and see what he says.

good to see another indegeous product. wish Mr Mahadevan and his team all success. hope they would deliver good quality products at an affordable price.
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