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Mar 4, 2007
ipod corner

i had believed that music sounds good only on large speakers. and the portable hardware is not good for listening to music. but i recently got a new ipod video nano and after listening to my music on it i have become a fan of appleinc.
appleipod has a great sound and also watching videos on it is a pleasure

i invite all to share there listening experiance with an ipod

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Re: ipod corner

the music on ipod is crisp clear and without distortion. i want to connect my ipod to external amplifier could any body help me

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hey sunil,

ipod docks are available from leading manufacturers - CA NAD, Denon thru which u can connect ur ipod to stereo amps.

dear everybody,

can anyone pl share their experience / knowledge on sound quality when different brand dock is connected with diff amp, eg denon with marantz (in aux)

Sushil, you could also use a cable with a mini single pin jck at one end & 2 RCA jacks at the other to connect the Ipod to your Amp.
hi kamal
i have tried it . i have a ipod video nano (third generation ) but when i connect the cable to my tv or audio source the message i get is connetc av cable i have tried it with two seperate cables

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Since you have a Video iPod, you need a 4-pole 3.5 mm connector. You must use the supplied connector unless you want to invest a good money on buying a new one.

Use Red and White cables for Audio.
hi rr,

i have ipod classic 160 gb and wud like to connect to stereo amp.

pl advise. also can i connect diff dock and amp brands (in amp aux)?
i have recently got ipod classic 80 gb player. while playing it when i press the pause button it hangs and also sometimes restarts. while rebooting i hear some kind of crackling sound from my ipod . i think that this the sound of hard disk . i have tried all 5 R's as suggested by apple . can anybody help me
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