is it worth to buy LG32LH60YR?


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Jan 27, 2010
a BIG hiii to all d geeks and genious ppl out there..
i am abt to buy an LCD tv wch includes a deal of 22 percent less in LG and 24 percent less in samsung in any model. bt d problem is my dad is too conservative and he refused to give me sm extra money to add in d total..the budget is 30000 INR.if ill insist to buy a HT thn surely d budget ll b 5 or 6000 my dad wont allow me to purchase any extra things beyond d tv i thought of going wid LG32LH60yr as d tv smhow fulfills HT needs and also dat its having USB port so i dnt need to buy a DVDp again wch my dad wont pay fot it..i thot of taking sammy B530 bt it ll cost me for arnd 32500 and thn again i need to buy an HT and dvd for usb wch is not affordable for tell me ur opinion abt it.should i go for d LG one..m worried abt d durability of the product also.
what i have written above is understandable for the person who really knows english.yeah its having some abbreviatons which i saw in various posts of same community.

can anyone tell me that when the new bravia models like 32NX500 will be available in shops in india?
will be launched in 2 months time,the NX500 looks aestheticaly good but similar featured EX500 will be available in a months time or in a few weeks.
hey thnx for the info bro..i am having 22 percent discount on sony too so ill certainly go for the 32 EX or NX series.
The USB feature in the LG is just fine. The photos are great, but unfortunately, the home videos are disappointing. They spread across the entire screen width wise ( the height remains the same). No wonder, ppl look fatter than they actually are.:)

I have tried to rectify the problem by changing the basic settings...but unfortunately nothing worked.
I now play my home videos either direct from the handicam...........or by connecting my laptop( where the video is saved) to the TV..........or by playing the DVD, where I have saved my videos.
The next option, which I haven't tried yet is to play it thru the WD TV( I plan to purchase that soon).
finally i ended up buying LG32LH60YR...and i am very much happy wid d performance...the sound is just gr8..i dnt need a Home theatre..the picture quality can be adjusted in expert mode and many options available dat ll make d picture d way u want...the only drawback is usb videos plays only in vivid mode which is disappointing..else its a package of features..
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