Jamo D590

They were discontinued, but JAMO had to bring them back as they were good and very popular.

I heard them at Delhi WhatHifi Show and purchased them as soon as I got back. Best in its class for the price. 8" down-firing woofer firing driver fills the room with deep bass nicely, my room had high ceilings so most speakers used to sound weak in the Bass Dept . The Twin Mid ranges and the tweeter complement each other for a clear and detailed music. The Cabinet is also Curved to reduce the standing waves. They are relatively sensitive too.

I did have to exchange one of the units since it did not have damping material inside (or may be peeled off) , some chinese manufacturing issue, the Retailer took care of it as soon as I pointed out to him and replaced the unit.

You can audition once before making a choice, since sound quality like Spice level in Biriyani , is extremely personal.
Came across this post and could not hold myself back. Very curious to know how are these priced? I recently picked up a pair of towers from an Indian brand purely because of the quality of sound it could produce. This one too has two mids and a 10” bass driver and it sounds very musical and has great instrument separation. The major difference i see between the two is that Jamo has an MTM design and the Achal’s got TMM and slightly bigger bass driver. Yes, the curved cabinet on Jamo may add some oomph to it but then i have not faced any resonance issue with this either.
Just curious to know how are they priced in India? I could not find price listed on Indian sites.
A beautiful, well-constructed speaker with class-leading soundstage, imaging and bass that is fast, deep, and precise.