just check this out!!!!!!!!!!!!


Whoa blow me down :eek: :eek: !!

well this what Am talking bout !! this true passion !!

Well this could easily surpass the Kipnis Set-up !! but this is pure stereo sound where thats all in one !!

Thanks a lot for this post !!

Brainless creature :rolleyes:

I don't know why he has spent so much on reproduction instead he can hire the artist for a live performance...:cool: He should have spent his money in building a concert hall for the artists ...Brainless guy :D
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What a coincidence! I saw a slightly better system (additional thing was an ipod Dock!!!!!!!) on SALE at local ??Big Bazaar?? here in Pune. A grand gala ??Mansoon Dhamaka?? offer : Buy Two Get One Free!!! Sales girl over there told me to book now by paying just Rs 11 and avail ??Free Home Delivery?? further for just today only they were offering a latest released T-Series Audio CD : Altaf Raja Meets Himesh Reshmiya , absolutely free!! And believe me guys , I could see at least 50 odd excited people standing in the queue to book it.
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biggest audiophile in the world even greater than this man--

I would change my sex to get married to this man...:eek:hyeah:

contest is open now to challenge above statement to make better one..:clapping:
The horns remind me of "Guns of Navarone", rest of the setup looks like some secret lab weapon of World War 2 :)
okay, I will go and die..

90% of the things I didn't understand , what we was doing was incredible to say but I couldn't grasp, I have to be born a million times more to get there..
I am sure with such an obsession he drop dead tweaking the stuff before he has had even a moment to just sit back and enjoy the music FWIW.

I would love to collect all the street dogs of Bangalore and take them there to err.. lift a leg to the music ... :D

A beautiful, well-constructed speaker with class-leading soundstage, imaging and bass that is fast, deep, and precise.