Just joined.....wanted to say Hi to everyone


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May 12, 2009
Sydney, Australia
Hi everyone.......just joined the forum and wanted to say hi.

I ran into this forum a few months ago when I was looking to set up my 2 channel system. I did visit this forum a few times and got a lot of valuable information and help reading through the threads....thank you all for the valuable information.

I started my journey auditioning Viren's setup at his house (a few months ago) and went on to audition quite a few set of speakers (Wharfedale, Klipsch, JBL, Jamo, etc) and amplifiers (Marantz, CA, Onkyo, etc). A couple of months ago, I paid a visit to Mr Nakra (Enbee) and fell in love with the sound of his system. Unfortunately, Mr Nakra had stopped making any more speakers and amplifiers by then. By a good stroke of luck, I found out someone who was looking to sell his Enbee system (speakers, amplifiers and cassette deck).

I am now the proud owner of a pair of Enbee speakers (Sentinel), amplifiers (ZX-80, pre/power combo) & cassette deck. I am using a run of the mill LG DVD player as a source, and am looking to buy a dedicated CD player or a DAC in the future.

I look forward to being a part of this forum and thanks again to all the folks who have been sharing their knowledge and experience.

Welcome and congratulations on your system. Please see if you can post some photos of your system as well as your assessment of how it sounds for various music genres.

welcome brother :yahoo::sos::cheers::signthankspin::beer:

own onkyo av receiver

polk 7.2 system

xbox 360

sony projector vpl aw 15 720p

optoma panoview 120 inch 16:9 screen
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Hi Anand,welcome to the forum.:clapping:
How's the system working out, giving you joy?
Maybe you could post pictures of your set-up in the thread "showcase your system".
I'm sure members would be interested in seeing what Mr Nakras' latest system looks like-he used to make these components when he decided to shut down.
I hope you're planning to pick up good interconnects & speaker cables to get more out of your system.
Again, welcome, do rnjoy your stay here.
Hi all,

I am also a new member (joined a couple of weeks back). It was very interesting and informative to go through some of the threads within this short period.

Currently own the following

Technics SLPG4 1 bit MASH cdp (will add marantz cd6002 shortly)
Corrson (acoustic portrait PM1) Valve pre amp
Corrson (acoustic portrait) dual mono power amp
Yamaha AX 592 integrated amp
Corrson (acoustic portrait) FS with Vifa drivers (will add Corrson custom made FS with scan speak drivers shortly)

Thanks Venkat, Kamal and everybody for the welcome. Very happy to be here and proud that there is such a strong hi-fi community in India.

Been a little lazy with taking photos of my setup. Will try and do that soon and post it for all the folks to see.

I listen to a wide variety of music; from jazz, blues, soul to 60s/70s pop to Indian classical (both Hindustani & Carnatic). I find that the system is very true to the recording and really excels in bringing out the detail from the music. I am really discovering so much more in the music now a days because of my setup!!!

Thanks for the welcome. I am throughly enjoying the setup. The sound from the system is very musical. I am rediscovering my old CD's which I have not been playing for a while. Bad recordings do sound a bit harsh sometimes (Indian classical esp). Will need to get rid of my DVD player (which I have been using as a source) and get a decent CDP.
Repeat advice-
plz think of getting better Interconnects & speaker cables first; a cheap ,quick upgrade to improve sound quality significantly.
Yup Kamal will definitely upgrade my interconnects and speaker cables......thanks for the advice.

Here's my upgrade plan
1. Interconnects & Speaker cables
2. CDP.

Hi apk,
What a coincidence that you being in Ahmedabad would have Enbee speakers just when I have been dying to hear what the legend is all about!:yahoo:

I'm new to the forum, so unaware how I might be able to contact you.
If you can send me a PM with contact details and don't mind meeting some time, do let me know.

PS - you still have the Enbees, don't you?
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