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Kitna Deti Hai.....Aaap Ki Sound System?

Wharfedale Diamond 11.1 & 11.2 Speakers

Ravindra Desai

Well-Known Member
Feb 13, 2018
Kolhapur, Maharashtra. India.
Dear All,

A common problem shared by people is that their sound system does not sound the same in their house as it did in the shop.
The action scenes and the surround demo clips that sounded fantastic on the system that was bought, sounds mediocre in the house.

To avoid this problem in future, follow these simple steps:

1. Carry a movie in your USB drive or your cell phone. Mark the soft vocal/ dialogue passages, song sequence and action/ loud scene locations in the movie
2. Make the sales man play your movie
3. Start with the vocal/ dialogue passage and adjust the volume to a little more than your normal listening volume
4. Don't change this volume setting till the end of the demo
5. Make sure you like what you hear for a good 3-5 minutes
6. Now switch to the song sequence. Again, make sure that you like what you hear, again for a good 3-5 minutes
7. Lastly, switch to the action/ loud scene sequence making sure that you like what you hear for good 3-5 minutes

If a sound system at a preset set volume level produces very comfortable vocals/ dialogues and if it does not irritate you during the song sequence and if it does not distort during the loud passages, then you can shortlist it.

You would appreciate that fact that I did ot bring any technical parameters in the picture for evaluation.

What happens during the usual course of a demo is that we are made to hear sponsored content that has a lot of panning effects and hi dynamic range content.
In a short span of demo time, we are bound to be impressed.
However, at home we never will be listening to demo content. The normal content that we hear has a lot of vocals/ Dialogues. Vocals/ Dialogues as normal and soft passages is what is absent in most demo contents creating a discrepancy in what the shop wants to sell and what our needs are.

Also, a sound system system should not complain about what the source of the content is. Why should it only be a BluRay? Why not TataSky or DishTV or content from a media player or the internet that we listen to, 10 hours a day?
Today's technology should be able to take care of this.

I hope that you got the gist of what I want to say.

So the next time you take a demo, don't forget to ask: Kitna (vocals/ dialogues) Deti Hai?
After all, did this very question not fetch you a good cow.....I mean car?


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